Mountain Landscape in Kerala



Person from Earth

Ide James

My purpose is to serve and to understand. I have built a life with the intent to be a benefit to others, to be in harmony with the world around me, to be a vector for insight and kindness and peace.

The Winter Exhibit

Snowy Forest Landscape

"Icy Happiness"

A winter scene captured at high noon

Winter Desert

"White Loneliness"

Vast emptiness blanketed by snow

"Chilly Night"

Nighttime scenes of a busy marketplace

The Summer Exhibit

Kerala Backwaters with Palm Trees


Indian backwaters

Wave rolling in pure clear sea

"The Brightest Blue"

Unforgettable crystal clear sea

Kerala Backwaters with Palm Trees Landscape

"Summer Scene"

Vast empty green lands

The Autumn Exhibit

Orange Autumn Leaves

"Infinite Orange"

Leaves turned orange for the season

Autumn Colors


Autumn foliage across the water

Landscape of deciduous forest in autumn

"Picturesque Hills"

Rolling hills in vibrant color

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Dried Flowers on Light Background